sunbet生产种种特宽幅针织床品、打扮面料,拥有30-50吋种种大圆机200台,配套加捻、网络 设备,可生产最宽达300cm的针织面料,在经过充分市场调研的基础上,凭借公司30年在针织打扮面料生产上的经验, 与纺纱、针织机械、印染后整工厂一起通力相助,研发出新一代新型针织床品面料,有效解决了梭织床品的亲肤性难题和普通针织床品中保存的起毛起球、扭力、弹力过大,顶破强度缺乏等老浩劫问题。

公司面料通过特殊针织机械设备制造,接纳同一面料两层结构,人体皮肤接触层接纳种种天然纤维质料,面层材 料身分占比在80%左右,亲肤透气抗菌,底层接纳功效性超细纤维锦纶(俗称尼龙)质料,柔软舒适、具有吸湿排汗 及优异的强力和回弹能力,所有质料都经过严格筛选,相助工厂均为吉林化纤、山东如意等知名海内一流质料制造企业。

Shaoxing City Shanhe Knitting Co., Ltd produces all kinds of extra wide knitted beddings and clothing fabrics. It has 200 sets of 30-50 inch circular knitting machines with twisting and network equipment. It can produce knitted fabrics up to 300 cm in width. On the basis of full market research and 30 years' experience in knitting garment production, the company cooperated with spinning, knitting machinery, dying and finishing factories to develop a new generation of knitting bed fabrics, which effectively solved the skin-affinity problem of woven bed fabrics and the fluff-raising problem of normal knitting beddings, also solved the problem of the torsion, high elasticity, insufficient breaking strength.

The company's fabrics are manufactured by special knitting machinery and equipments, using the same two-layer fabric structure. The human skin contact layer uses various natural fiber materials. The composition of the surface layer is about 80%, which is skin-friendly, breathable and anti-bacterial. The bottom layer uses functional ultra-fine fiber nylon (commonly known as nylon) material, which is soft, comfortable and has moisture absorption and perspiration. It has excellent strength and resilience. All materials have been strictly selected, and all the cooperative factories are well-known domestic first-class material manufacturing enterprises such as Jilin Chemical Fiber and Shandong Ruyi.